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Einstein Anderson Lights Up the Sky: 6
by Seymour Simon, Fred Winkowski (Illustrator)

This is another collection of stories about Einstein Anderson using his scientific knowledge to make discoveries, explain mysterious sights, and make scientific predictions.

In “Playing With Fire,” someone claimed that Einstein had started a fire using his eyeglasses. Einstein proved that it could not be true, because he is short-sighted and his glasses have concave lenses which spread light rays and could not start a fire. If you are far-sighted, your glasses will have convex lenses which can be used to start a fire using sunlight.

In “The Boat Race,” Einstein correctly predicted that when Pat jumped from the front part of a boat onto the dock, the boat would lurch backward and Pat would fall into the water. This is because Newton’s Third Law says action and reaction are equal and opposite.

In “Snow Job,” Einstein explained to Margaret why she should not remove the snow over her daffodil bulbs on the ground, because snow is a good insulator due to the air spaces in it. The snow would keep the bulbs from freezing.

I like this series of books because it teaches me science while I can have fun reading and solving puzzles.

   --Ethan Y