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The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

Publisher: Scholastic Press, Date: 7/3/10, Pages: 384, ISBN: 9780439023528
Get at: Amazon, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco
Tags: best1516
   -- Maya C   (1/2/15)   
this book was amazing. definite thumbs up.
   -- Maya C   (1/2/15)
Great book
   -- Asante S   (1/11/15)
my favorite book!
   -- Riley S   (2/16/15)
   -- Mei Mei L   (1/3/16)
Winning means fame and glory, losing means certain death. The Hunger Games have begun. Prim Everdeen is chosen to be one of the representatives for District 12 in the Hunger Games. Katniss volunteers for her sister's spot in the Hunger Games. Is it possible for Katniss to win?
   -- Aaron H   (1/7/16)
This is my 6th time reading this series and I never posted it on Jabberwiki. It's super good and I would recommend it to people who can handle nightmares for 3 months.
   -- Mirabelle H   (1/25/16)
   -- Jaxon J   (3/13/16)
   -- Jaxon J   (3/13/16)
Scary, but REALLY COOL!
   -- Santiago C   (6/6/16)
I loved this book and i've read it multiple times!
   -- Mira H   (7/23/16)
I read the first book, then watched all four of the movies. It was impossible to put the book down!
   -- Marcus H   (8/7/16)
It was so good, i could NOT put it down!
   -- Chloe M   (8/17/16)

This book was so good!

   -- Charlotte S   (6/5/17)