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The Green Glass Sea
by Ellen Klages

Publisher: Viking Juvenile, Date: 10/19/06, Pages: 336, ISBN: 9780670061341
Get at: Amazon, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco
Tags: ar, best13, friendship, history, kids, new mexico, realistic fiction, school, tragedy
Dewey, an average, bullied, brainy kid has moved into the hill, a place where people who have family members who work in the war go. Her nickname is Screwy Dewey because she always plays with little things like screws and bolts to make inventions, but when her only parent, her dad, has to go to Washington for one whole week, she has to stay with Suze, another girl at school who is definitely not her friend. Both of the girls don’t like the situation one bit. Then they get news that Dewey’s dad was run over by drinking soldiers, and Dewey has to stay with Suze. Dewey starts to like her, but what is she going to do when the war is over?They can’t stay on the hill anymore? Is she going to have to go to an orphanage with mean ladies and no comic books? Hopefully not.

10 year old Dewey Kerrigan is going to Los Alamos, where she is finally going to see her dad after two years. Dewey is a quirky, witty, polite outsider who lives in the time of World War 2. Her dad is a physics teacher, with some secret project that the government will not allow her dad to tell her what it is. Dewey is full of joy at the sight of her father, but once she gets to Los Alamos she is the new target for the bullies. Then, when her father has to go for a few months and she gets stuck in the same room with one of the bullies, some very unexpected things are going to happen. -- Claire G.

   -- Kira S   (3/3/08)   
The Green Glass Sea is a wonderful story about friendship. It takes place back during World War II was happening. Every chapter trades off telling about Dewey and Suze, the two main characters. When something happens to a character, like when Dewey’s father dies, I was actually sad, and when Dewey ends up living with Suze I was actually happy. In other words, the author made it so that I cared about the characters. I think that the Author also picked a very interesting time period, and I really learned some cool facts about World War II, for example, did you know that when they released the atom bomb, it was so hot that it turned the sand into glass!? I definitely didn’t know that. I think that this book is medium in terms of thickness. If you are looking for a medium length, history packed, exciting book about friendship, look no further. This is the one!
   -- Kira S   (3/3/08)
A good, but very sad book.
   -- Zoe P   (10/29/08)
   -- Monica M   (10/30/08)

   -- Julia M   (11/3/08)
   -- Daniela N   (11/16/08)
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A great story/plot and always gives you something to think about. I recomend this book to all readers. Is is sad at some parts, but makes up for it in its intriguing story that makes you feel like you know the characters!
   -- Michelle S   (1/13/10)
This book has a great plot and a wonderful message that your first impression is not always right and that you don't want to judge someone by there looks or anything unusual they do. It has a cool background and I like how each chapter alternates view from Dewey to Suze to Dewey to Suze. I like the style Ellen Klages writes and how she really captures the feelings of the characters. I recommend it to anyone even if you don't think you'll like it because it's really good and it might surprise you like some books do.
   -- Audrey C   (12/6/10)
10 year old Dewey Kerrigan has waited all the way since the war started for her father to pick her up and for them to live together. Instead, she gets taken to a place that officially doesn't exist, and where all the war "stuff" is happening, Los Alamos, called The Hill. Even though she isn't welcomed by the other girls there, she finds herself at home. With tons of people who love math and science. When her father has to go on a trip and Dewey moves in with Suze, who despises Dewey, things turn for good, and for bad, and Dewey must find courage, and a lot of it.
   -- Sophia V   (1/5/11)
Super good!
   -- Sophia V   (1/5/11)
The Green Glass Sea is a book about a girl, named Dewey, who lives in the war time with her Papa.  She gets picked up at her Nana's house by a train, and glumly hops on it, to a place that doesn't really exist called Los Alamos. Apparently her Papa has joined the science/math team that is inventing the atomic bomb.  Dewey doesn't like this life in the war time, but at least its worth living. Then, suddenly all plans change for Dewey. Her Papa goes away, leaving her to stay with the Gordans, whose daughter (by the name of Suze) hates her. The problem of living with an enemy without Papa near her, will have to be solved, but how? The solutions name is friendship.

One of my favorite parts of this book was when Dewey and Suze were telling each other secrets and Dewey told Suze her real name was Duodecima, which means twelve in Latin.

I would recommend this book to people who like historical fiction and people who like stories about misfits.
   -- Molly B   (5/31/11)
This is a great book and is about how two people become friends
   -- Zoe H   (5/16/12)
Good, it shows a perspective of a 10 year old girl living in world war 2. And her dad is a scientist.
   -- William V   (5/16/12)
   -- Claire G   (8/27/12)
I liked this book, but I didn't feel like this book had may cliff hangers.
   -- Elliot C   (11/18/12)
This book is one of my favorites!! I would recommend this book to people that like historical fiction with a twist. It also gives you information about the war in a fun way.  
   -- Tara S   (12/18/12)
   -- Sian B   (12/18/12)
I liked it! I thought that it would be hard to be Dewey in this book.
   -- Lucy B   (12/20/12)
   -- Jeremy Y   (12/23/12)

This book is about two children experiencing World War II and how it affects their lives. During the war, the parents get involved in a secret project that their children can’t know about. Because the parents are working on the project, the children can’t see them for most of the day. So, the children learn to take care of themselves. I like this book because it is about WWII and I am interested in that subject.

   -- Jack A   (1/6/13)
I loved this book because it was the exact topic that I am interested in.
   -- Joey K   (1/14/13)
It's a good book, but I think the sequel is better.
   -- Ana I   (1/15/13)
We read this book at Lit Club.
   -- Kaanshak S   (5/8/13)
   -- Adrienne P   (8/20/13)
This book is filled with adventure and is very sad too.
   -- Catherine L   (11/17/13)
This book was really good! I loved the concept, but eventually the topic for a bit draggy
   -- Santiago C   (1/19/16)
   -- Mirabelle H   (6/6/16)
   -- Josie B   (2/22/17)