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Sun & Spoon

Publisher: Greenwillow Books, Date: 10/1/07, Pages: 144, ISBN: 9780061288753
Get at: Amazon, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco
Tags: spoon, sun
   -- B.J. C   (12/14/11)   
It's a really good book.
   -- B.J. C   (12/14/11)
it was okay
   -- Merritt V   (1/10/12)
   -- Sian B   (4/20/13)
I did not like this book at all.
   -- Joey K   (4/21/13)
This was not one of my favorites. I thought the back gave the whole story away.
   -- Tara S   (4/21/13)
I agree with Tara. It was not my favorite book.
   -- Jeremy Y   (4/21/13)
We read this book during Lit Club. I found it quite boring.
   -- Kaanshak S   (5/8/13)
Good book. 6/10
   -- Jack A   (5/11/13)