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by Angie Sage, Mark Zug (Illustrator)

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books, Date: 3/14/06, Pages: 608, ISBN: 9780060577339
Get at: Amazon, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco
   -- Ethan Y   (7/29/11)   
Septimus Heap, the seventh son of Silas Heap who was also a seventh son, is declared dead by the midwife, but is actually stolen by the midwife.  On the same day, Silas finds a mysterious girl, who they raise as their own child and call her Jenna.  When a mysterious person is hunting her, they then find out about her true identity.  They hide Jenna with their Aunt Zelda, Silas, Silas’ son Nicko, Boy 412 of the Young Army of Soldiers, and Marcia, an Extra-Ordinary Wizard.  Jenna, Nicko, and Boy 412 are taught Magyk by Marcia, Aunt Zelda, and Silas. 


While the children are learning Magyk, DomDaniel the Necromacer is trying to capture Jenna, because of her identity.  When DomDaniel attacks and tries to capture Jenna, will Jenna, Aunt Zelda, Silas, Nicko, Boy 412, and Marcia be ready to ward of DomDaniel helpers? Or will DomDaniel capture Jenna?


If you enjoy reading about suspense, magic, or adventure, this book is for you.  I am looking forward to reading the next book, Flyte.


   -- Ethan Y   (7/29/11)
Amazing book!
   -- George K   (11/19/15)
This book is really good, as is the rest of the series(I'm on Queste).
   -- Alicia C   (8/11/17)