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Rise of the Wolf: Book 1
by Curtis Jobling

Publisher: Puffin, Date: 6/5/12, Pages: 432, ISBN: 9780142421086
Get at: Amazon, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco
Tags: best13
Drew is a ordinary shepherd’s son, One day a horrible creature kills his mother and his father thinks Drew killed her. So Drew flees to the dangerous Dryewood. Drew is captured and finds out the he is royal Were-Wolf and is the only hope to defeat the evil Were-Lion king. Along the way he meets many allies like Duke Bergan the Were-Bear, Hector the Were-Boar, and Gretchen the Were-Fox. He also meets new enemies like Vankaskan the Were-Rat, Prince Lucas the Were-Lion, and Vala the Were-Serpent.--Quetz
   -- Quetz M   (10/12/12)   

I like this book because I could picture the background, it is really well written, and it has a lot of action (it is also bloody). An example of the action is the mixture of the spyr oil and the fire burned Vanmortan’s skin. I also like it because it is a fantasy book, has a lot of well described, amazing characters with really great personalities, and has a lot of well written (and bloody) battles and wars. I give it a 11 out of 10. If you like well written books, action, and fantasy then this is a good book for you.

   -- Quetz M   (10/15/12)


A shepherd’s son named Drew is a theriantrope, a human/animal shape shifter. One horrific night he is robbed of his mother, and his father and brother's love. Drew runs into the Dyrewood, which is as 'dire' as its name suggests. He is chased by the Wyldermen, creatures that hunt humans and have crazy sacred superstitions and ways. Drew has many adventures, in which he tries to overthrow an evil, power-hungry king, and makes some fascinating friends along the way.

Wereworld Rise of the Wolf is a very interesting, sad, and violent fantasy book. In turn, it excites you, saddens you, and even makes you laugh, if you can view it in the right light. This book is very bloody and gory like the 2nd-4th books of the Inheritance series. If you like Christopher Paolini's Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance, you should like this book. Rise of the Wolf's main characters and supporting characters are well developed, and the plotline is well thought out. I recommend this book for 10-13 year olds because of the bloodiness and goriness.

   -- Nirek G   (11/1/12)
I found this book to be very humorous at multible times. It can also be very sad, or just make you chew your finger nails clean off. I especially enjoyed the shaky relationship beetween Gretchen and Drew. For example, when Drew tries to hide the fact that he likes Gretchen, their comversations turn into hilarious fights. This book has lots of detail, and somtimes the book can be horribly boring cause the athor will have detail for 3 or 4 pages. Overall, I would recommend this book to annyone who likes action and humor all tied into one. 
   -- Kevin H   (9/1/14)