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Ivy and Bean What's the Big Idea?
by Annie Barrows, Sophie Blackall (Illustrator)

Publisher: Chronicle Books, Date: 9/22/10, Pages: 128, ISBN: 9780811866927
Get at: Amazon, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco
Tags: brainstorming
Ivy and bean seven is a great book about brainstorming. What happens first is, Miss Aurba-Tate announces that there is a science fair happening soon for Emerson school. Then all the kids say that science stinks. Miss Aurba-Tate explains all the projects they have been doing. After she is done, the kids start chanting Global warming global warming!. Then Miss Aurba-Tate says I think picked our project for the science fair out! What happens next is, all of the kids start thinking of ideas to stop global warming. Ivy and Bean start slowly brainstorming ideas. One idea each day. Until they get the idea that they like most of all. Making the adults comfortable in nature! That way the adults would care more about nature and if the nature is takin care of, it would stop global warming!
   -- Stephanie S   (3/13/11)   
   -- Emma W   (12/14/11)
I enjoyed this book because it was about two seven year old`s and them trying to think of an idea for the global warming. Ivy and Bean start slowly at first then they come up with a idea that if people cared more for they nature it would stop global warming.     
   -- Hannah D   (2/16/12)
   -- Lucy S   (9/3/13)