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The Spider Sapphire Mystery
by Carolyn Keene

Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap, Date: 12/1/67, Pages: 176, ISBN: 9780448095455
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Nancy Drew is needed for two mysteries. The first is that a rare Spider Sapphire has gone missing in Africa, and the second is that a safari guide reported to be killed by a lioness may still be alive. Little does she know, some enimies of hers don't want her to solve the case. They try everything from dressing up as baboons to kidnapping her friends. Will Nancy suceed and crack both cases?
   -- Samantha B   (6/11/08)   
I think that this book is pretty exiting, and I learned a lot about Africa, since this is where the book takes place. The writing style is pretty old fashioned, but one can learn a lot from the intense use of language. If you like books about young girls encountering harmful villans, you will love this book. If you are more of a fantasy lover, then this book might not be as appealing. It is not the kind of book that hooks you from the beginning, but it gets good into the middle of the first chapter to the beginning of the second. The one problem is that after a few chapters of reading, one gets somewhat scared and forgets to turn out the lights. It is not the kind of story you could put youself into, but the book goes smoothly as if you were watching from above. It is more of a read-alone book, and younger kids wouldn't understand it anyway.
   -- Samantha B   (6/11/08)